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My name is Yerzhan and I come from Kazakhstan.

I got introduced to data analysis when I studied at Vietnamese-German University and got fascinated by being able to delve in and study any topic profoundly. So I took multiple Udemy MOOCs on Data Analysis during my studies and after I graduated from VGU I started a data science training at Practicum by Yandex. Soon after graduation, I became its ambassador and one of the admins of the graduate community.

Being a fluent speaker of several languages I have an interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP). I listen to SuperDataScience podcasts, read their newsletters, take online courses, read books and Kaggle notebooks, work on my DS projects, and I blog here.

As for my other interests, I read a video game magazine called Igromania when I was a teen, and I’ve been following game industry news cause I am a gamer since I was 6, I play badminton (and watch professional matches) from time to time, I also try to reduce my ecological footprint as I learn and share how to reconcile technological development with environment in my Russian language blog called За балансом (After Balance).

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